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       Electronic Monitoring Program


Home Electronic Monitoring An Alternative To Jail

What Is H.E.M.?

Home Electronic Monitoring was established by Sheriff S .M. (Steve) Draper in late 1994 as an alternative to incarceration for non-violent offenders. H.E.M. allows individuals who receive an active jail sentence in our local courts to be supervised electronically in a stable residence.

To be considered for H.E.M. ,the individual has various criteria that must be met before being allowed in the program and rules and regulations that must be strictly adhered to. An individual placed in this program will be monitored, by using an ankle bracelet transmitter and also a main unit placed on the individuals telephone line at his/her residence

If the person goes beyond the monitors range, the officer in charge of the program will immediately be notified with the inmates number and his/her offence.

Individuals placed on H.E.M. must work or be on disability and return home on a pre-arranged schedule. Counseling and G.E.D. participation is allowed as long as the rules are followed as instructed by the officer. An inmate is Not allowed in stores, or restaurants unless approved by the officer. Should an inmate be observed in any place other than an approved one, they will be placed in jail to complete their sentence. Also the individual after being placed in the program may not consume any alcohol or use illegal drugs.

Some Qualifications for H.E.M.

1. Must be 18 yrs. Of age or older (unless juvenile is sentenced as an adult) or court ordered from the judge.

2. Client must not must have any outstanding warrants or detainers pending against him/her, prior to being placed on H.E.M.

3. Client must have received his/her total sentence with less than 2 yrs. With no prior attempt or escape.

4. The client must not be serving a term of confinement for a serious violent crime or prior convictions. (Example: Drugs, Rape, Robbery or Murder.) unless court ordered by the judge.

5. Client must not be serving a sentence for a sexual oriented crime or one in a prior sentence.

6. Client must agree to voluntarily sign the H.E.M. rules and regulations prior to being placed on H.E.M. and pay program fees.

7.Must reside within the H.E.M. Program and provide permanent address.

8. The client must have a touch-tone phone with no extra services, I.e. call waiting, caller ID, 3rd party, at the residence, if so, they will be allowed 72 hours to have those options removed.

9. The individual must maintain telephone/electric service while on H.E.M. If not he/she will be returned to secure confinement