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                                             Court Services



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        Court Schedules for the week are below with exceptions being Holidays and inclement weather days.

General District And Juvenile Court Schedule

General District

Monday     10:00 AM     Traffic

Monday     11:00 AM     Counsel Hearings

Monday     2:00 PM       Criminal


Wednesday     12:30 PM     Civil


Thursday     10:00 AM     Traffic

Thursday      2:00 PM      Criminal

Friday       2:00 PM


Juvenile Court

Tuesday      8:30 AM      Civil

Wednesday     8:30 AM    Criminal @ Traffic

Friday         8:45 AM      Emergency Hearings



Jurors play an essential role in the trial of civil and criminal cases. Although many people do not know what to expect from jury service, most look back upon it as a rewarding experience. Jury service is a tangible, challenging, and indispensable contribution to our country.

Trials begin with jury selection. Names are randomly selected from those on jury service to form a panel from which the trial jury will be selected. The judge excuses those on the panel whose knowledge of the people or circumstances would affect their impartiality.

Trial by jury--being judged by our neighbors--is at the very heart of American justice. For the American citizen there is no finer contribution to our democratic society than serving as a juror.

The jury's primary role is to determine the facts based on an evaluation of all the evidence the judge rules admissible.

Your decisions can affect the human rights, the civil rights, the property rights, even the right of life of your neighbors and your fellow citizens. The Commonwealth has called on you and is now counting on you to apply your sense of equity and your common sense as laymen to the formal rules of law.