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Welcome to the City of Martinsville, Virginia Sheriff's Office Web Site!


    The City of Martinsville Sheriff's Office has undergone many changes since 1994. I took office on January 1, 1994 and at once we began changing the way we managed the Martinsville City Jail. The jail is a necessary evil that must be part of the local criminal justice system. Over the past seven years, Martinsville improved the corrections in the city by updating the current jail as well as building a state of the art medium security temporary facility. 

We continue to provide court security for the three courts in the city, the Circuit Court, General District Court, and the Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court. Our courts operate just about every day of the week and we continue to have a rather large number of jury trials each year.

In our Civil Division we serve approximately 20,000 papers a year as well as transport inmates to state facilities and complete extradition's for the Commonwealth Attorney.

We have a very strong Electronic Monitoring program and have one officer dedicated to that program. When we have non-violent offenders to place on Electronic Monitoring, we not only require them to have a job , but we assist them in finding one . We also require them to pay their fine and court costs to the courts and they pay $10 per day to be on our program.

 The "Clean Start" program. This program is designed to identify and assist individuals that are involved in drug use or abuse. We have two employees assigned to this program. One is the assessment counselor and the other is a caseworker/counselor. This is a very needed program in our area and we are expecting it to grow and be very beneficial to our area. Clean Start is a program originally initiated by our friends Hughes & Coleman, a personal injury attorney in Nashville and is now operated with a joint effort  between the Martinsville Sheriff's Office and Piedmont Community Services.

Our newest project is " Project Lifesaver" This project is an innovative and superlative initiative to aid the victims and families of people suffering Alzheimer's disease and related mentally dysfunctional disorders (ARMD), such as down's syndrome, traumatic brain injury, and autism. ARMD people are victims just as if they were criminally attacked because ARMD physically robs the victims of their mental facilities, their dignity, their health and ultimately their lives. The victim's family members watch as the ARMD assaults and ravishes their loved ones-stealing Hope, stealing Rest, and stealing Peace Of Mind.

PROJECT LIFESAVER will provide relief to these families and caretakers from the constant fear of not being able to quickly locate their loved ones should they wander from their homes. This program will accept citizens in the city of Martinsville, as well as neighboring Henry County. When the Henry County Sheriff's Office begins their program, the county cases will transfer to their program.

Citizen's placed on " Project Lifesaver " will be selected by application. Any citizen wishing to have a family member or loved one considered for the program should contact Officer Ed Gower of the Martinsville Sheriff's Office to receive an application. 

Our staff is working hard to build one of the most respected sheriff's offices in the Commonwealth. The goal of the Martinsville Sheriff's Office is to create an organization recognized as a leaded in the community whose contributions help make Martinsville a safe and outstanding place to live.

We all work as a team and by working together, this team will make this goal a reality.



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